City Market Renovation

KC Commercial Realty Group worked closely with STRATA Architecture to create a better shopping experience for City Market tenants and customers.

New experiences await those walking the City Market at night with expanded lighting and accent features. To improve safety for patrons as well as greatly reducing energy usage, new LED lighting has been installed throughout the City Market.
Improvements specific to energy consumption reduction include replacement of interior lighting at Sheds 1, 2, and 3, the addition of perimeter lighting at all sheds reflective of the original 1940s decorative perimeter lighting, and accent catenary lighting between the sheds for a festive pedestrian atmosphere.

Additionally, at the perimeter buildings of the City Market, the passages between the center pavilions and the parking to the west were upgraded. New LED uplighting and emergency egress lighting was installed to coordinate with the new roofing design. Accent colored LED enclosures were designed and installed to surround the two walkway entrances along with the northwest courtyard enclosure which provide clear wayfinding in order to direct patrons to the entrance points of the City Market.